Today's law is complex and in many instances, making a decision without professional legal advice can have serious repercussions in the future.

Choosing a lawyer or legal firm to deal with issues can seem a daunting task. It doesn't have to be. Vorvis, Anderson, Gray, Armstrong offers a full range of legal services to assist you in all areas of your business and family life. We will be happy to talk with you about the type of legal services that will help you most.

Keep in mind that although you may be looking for help with a particular issue now, you will likely need a number of different types of legal services throughout your life. You may want to consult a lawyer to help you make a will, challenge wrongful dismissal or negotiate your way through a complicated insurance claim.

Whatever your needs, Vorvis, Anderson, Gray, Armstrong has the legal expertise to help you.

Technical problems can arise in any real estate transaction, whether you are buying or selling a home or business, whether you are a lender, landlord or tenant. Our knowledge and expertise is available to ensure that your real estate transactions can be closed in a prompt, personal and cost-effective manner.
• Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property Transactions
• Conventional and High Ratio Mortgage Financing
• Commercial and Residential Leasing
• Landlord and Tenant Claims
• Power of Sale and Foreclosure Proceedings
• Non-Resident Dispositions
• Property Assessment Appeals

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In the workplace today, the demands and expections of employers and employees are undergoing significant changes. We can provide you with experienced advice and representation on workplace issues.
• Negotiating Employments Contracts
• Advice on Termination
• Wrongful Dismissal Claims
• Human Rights Issue
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Setting up and running a business is a challenging process. We can give you the information and advice you need to make the right decisions.
• Purchase and Sale of Business
• Corporate Organization and Restructuring
• Shareholder Agreements
• Partnerships
• Secured Transactions
• Franchising
• Joint Ventures
• Business and Tax Planning
• Charitable and Not-for-Profit Organization Set-up
• Bankruptcy and Insolvency Services

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Our Knowledge of the law, thorough preparation and skilful advocacy, whether in pursuit or defense of claims, have enabled our firm to successfully represent our clients before trial and appellate courts, administrative boards and tribunals.
• Personal Injury Claims
• Life, Disability and Property Insurance Actions
• Wrongful Dismissal Actions
• Construction Lien Claims
• Contract and Commercial Litigation
• Estate Litigation
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When you are involved in complex family problems, you need someone who will listen to and understand your needs. We have the experience and knowledge in this very sensitive area of law to be an effective advocate and skilled negotiator on your behalf.
• Marriage and Cohabitation Agreements
• Separation and Divorce
• Custody and Access
• Child and Spousal Support
• Equalization of Property
• Pension Adjustments
• Income Tax Advice
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Whether you are creating a company name, logo or trademark, a new board game, computer software or a piece of music, you can depend on our services to protect your financial interests with copyright or trademark registration.
• Registered Trademark Agents
• Copyright and Trademark Applications

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It is important for your own peace of mind, and that of your family members, to put your affairs in order. We offer compassionate, skilled advice in this very personal area of law.
• Wills
• Power of Attorney
• Family Trusts
• Tax Planning
• Advising and Acting as Estate Trustees, Executors, Attorneys
• Managing and Distributing Assets
• Settlement of Estate Accounts
• Estate Litigation
• Safekeeping of Wills and Other Personal Documents
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